Citroen Picasso Genuine Aerial Replacement Car Antenna Mast Black Rubber Plastic

Mazda 3 Aerial Replacement Car Antenna Mast Black Rubber/Plastic



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High quality replacement aftermarket aerial mast, available in three lengths.

Our replacement aerials are high quality aerial aftermarket replacement masts, and are designed to prevent ‘wind whistle’ which can result in an annoying noise on poorly designed aerials.

A 5mm and 6mm screw in thread adapter is included in the pack.

  • High Quality
  • Anti wind noise design
  • Includes adapters

Quieter by design

You may find car aerials that are smooth, but have you noticed that the car aerials that we sell look like they have a wire wrapped around them, or have a spiral groove in them?

This design reduces wind noise and vibration. That spiral shape actually helps the antenna slice through the air more easily, so it’s quieter. When an aerial is mounted on a vehicle, as the wind comes off it, the noise is actually transmitted into the car and can cause noise within the cabin. Spiral-design antennas direct the noise off to the side of the car.

Avoid damage at the car wash

Many people have problems when taking their vehicle through a car wash, as it may damage your car aerial.

Car aerials are sometimes damaged when you use an automatic car wash service because they can be bent by the rotating brushes. If you have a car with an external car aerial, and you want to take it to the car wash instead of washing it by hand, then you should remove it.

With the vast majority of external car aerials, including the types that we sell, chances are that you can unscrew it and remove it from the exterior of the car before you go through the car wash to prevent it from being damaged by the rotating brushes.

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23cm, 28cm, 40cm


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Mazda 3 Aerial Replacement Car Antenna Mast Black Rubber/Plastic

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